ABS CBN Mobile 1 day Unlimited Mobile Internet - ABS CBN Mobile Internet Promo

Today you now surf the internet with ABS CBN Mobile all over the day. You can browse anything you want in your mobile phone over the internet. You can send emails, chat to your facebook friends, play games online and search the World Wide Web for the different information you want to know.

All you have to do is to register the exciting promo of ABS CBN Mobile for only 50 pesos. This promo is open to all ABS CBN Mobile subscribers nationwide. Here are the registration mechanics and benefits once you registered to this promo.

Benefits and registration mechanics of KOLU50:
- P50.00 regular load only
- Unlimited Mobile Internet
- Valid for 1 day of use
- Simply text KOLU50 to 2135

What are you waiting for, load and register now!

Just  enjoy surfing and have a nice day.