ABS-CBNmobile Unli-Chat plus call and text promo

Last night, my office mate chat me using KakaoTalk Apps asking some love quotes for his girlfriend. I didn't reply immediately to his message because I’m not register to any unli-chat promo of ABS-CBNmobile. After an hour I got another message from him containing the unli-chat promo registration and its information. This promos called Kapamilya Unli Chat 20.

I immediately go to the loading station and load P20.00 worth of regular load. After which I do the registration process and I successfully registered. I’ll replied to his message telling him where to find the beautiful and inspiring love quotes that I know it good for his girlfriend. You want to know what I have done to register the promo.

Here are the mechanics and benefit s of KUC20 ABS-CBNmobile Promo:
- P20.00 worth of regular load required
- Unlimited Chat using KakaoTalk, Line, Viber, WeChat, & WhatsApp
- Unlimited Text to ABS-CBNmobile subscribers 
 - Plus 10 minutes Calls to ABS-CBNmobile subscribers
- 1 hour iWanTV access via WiFi*
- Valid for 1 day
- To register, just text KUC20 and send to 2135

KUC20 ABS-CBNmobile Promo is open to all ABS-CBNmobile subscribers nationwide. Once you have already used up the 1 day promo service the promo will be automatically cut and regular rate may apply.