ABS-CBN Mobile UNLICHAT Promo: Plus Unli SMS and 10mins Call to ABS-CBN Mobile Promo

It's sounds good to everybody who are the subscriber of ABS-CBN Mobile its because you can now have an UNLICHAT plus Plus Unli SMS and 10mins Call to ABS-CBN Mobile. The 3in1 promo.

If you have a Viber Apps you can now connect and chat with your friends and love ones anywhere in the world. Viber Apps must required to avail your chat. Make sure you have register to UNLICHAT promo of ABS-CBN Mobile ahhahaha!

Here how to register and the benefit of UNLICHAT Promo!
- 15 Pesos load balance
- Valid for 1 day of use
- Unli text to ABS-CBN Mobile -only
- 10mins Call to ABS-CBN Mobile -only
- Unli chat using Viber Apps
- Just type KUC15 and send to 2135

Also Available:

  • KOL15 - P15, 30MB consumable for 1 day.
  • KOL20 - P20, 45MB consumable for 1 day.
  • KOL50 - P20, 120MB consumable for 3 days.

Avail your UNLICHAT right now for only 15 pesos which is good for your budget. Your 3-in-1 promo brought to your by ABS-CBN Mobile!