ABS-CBN Mobile ONLINE 15, ONLINE 20, ONLINE 50: Internet Browsing-Surfing Promos

I receive a text from friend regarding the ABS-CBN Mobile Promos. It is the Mobile internet surfing of promos of ABS-CBN Mobile. And he tell me that it's good to use at research and other online activities over the internet.

ABS-CBN Mobile launching its first and fresh online mobile surfing promos for all Filipinos nationwide. Anywhere here in the Philippines you can now stay connected to your friends abroad or anywhere worldwide through your mobile phone.

How to register and what is the benefit of ONLINE 15 Internet Browsing-Surfing Promo?
- 15 Pesos of load balance
- 30MB of data connection
- Consumable for 1 day
- Just text KOL15 and send it to 2135

How about ONLINE 20?
- P20 of load
- 45MB of data connection
- Valid for 1 day of use
- Dial KOL20 and send it to 2135

And another the ONLINE 50!
- 50 Pesos load
- 120 Mb of data connection
- 3 days validity surfing
- Dial KOL50 and send to 2135

Also Available:
  • KOL449 - P449, 1200MB which is valid for 30 days.
  • KOL299 - P299, 800MB Internet Surfing valid 30 days.
  • KUC15 - ABS-CBN Mobile UNLICHAT Promo: Plus Unli SMS and 10mins Call to ABS-CBN Mobile Promo. 
You can try it now!