Call All Net 20: KCAN20 - ABS-CBN Mobile Promo

For only 20 pesos of regular load you can now call to all network. Exciting Kapamilya it only cost Php 5.00 per minute call rate. And it is valid for almost 2 days. May be you can call four (4) persons of different network. See, it is very for you budget guys.

Probably it is good for me hehehe :). But you know Kapamilya I already tried this. And I satisfied with this promo. My 20 pesos was worthy and very good for my out going calls. I call my mom, my sister and my two (2) friends. That's why I say to you guys that it is good for four (4) persons. It because I tried it for only four (4) persons. 

Go on and stay connected to your friends and love ones. Your voice is great to be heard by you love ones. 

Here are the benefits and mechanics of registration to avail this promo.
- Only cost P20.00
- Php 5.00 per min. call rate
- To all Network
- Valid for 2 days
- Just text KCAN20 to 2135

Also Available:

  • KOLP60 - P60, Unli Viber Chat and Calls, Mobile Surfing, text to all networks - 2 days.
  • KTAN15 - P15, 75 Text to all Network Promo, valid for 2 days.
  • KUC15 - P15, UNLI VIBER CHAT Promo: Plus Unli SMS and 10mins Call to ABS-CBN Mobile Promo. 
Hurry na kapamilya and register to this exciting promo.