Unli Viber Chat and Calls, Mobile Surfing, text to all networks - 2 days

Guys, another promo from ABS-CNB Mobile Network. I am very satisfied with this promo. Just imagine Unli Viber Chat and Calls, Mobile Surfing, text to all networks valid for 2 days. This promo is called Kapamilya Online Plus 60. In just 60 pesos  you can now avail the promos I mentioned above.

I use the text package of this promo that I can text any networks. I text my friends and I'll tell them that right now I am using the ABS-CBN Mobile SIM and it works great. May be next week or next month they will buy ABS-CBN Mobile SIM for their kids and also to text the best of this SIM.

Here are the complete mechanics of what I am done to avail and register in this promo. And I want to share it to anybody that who want to register and interested to avail this promo.

The benefits and registration code: 
- 60 pesos of regular load
- Unli Viber Chat and Calls
- With 100 MB for mobile surfing
- Plus 75 texts to ALL networks
- Valid 2 days
- Text KOLP60 to 2135

Also Available:
  • KTAN15 - P15, 75 Text to all Network Promo, valid for 2 days.
  • KUC15 - P15, UNLI VIBER CHAT Promo: Plus Unli SMS and 10mins Call to ABS-CBN Mobile Promo. 
You can also register Internet Surfing Promos or Kapamilya Online Promos. Stay connected to your friends and to your love ones. Let's enjoy and do this!